ICELAND – useful Itinerary

We explored the beautiful Iceland in the summer of 2021. From Keflavik to Keflavik round trip. In 17 days, 18 nights. In this blog, you find our travel route. As you can read in another blog, we stayed in summer houses throughout the country.

Brussels – Keflavik Airport

We took a direct flight Brussels – Keflavik Airport. The flight takes about 3 hours. Easy and comfortable.

Another way of getting to Iceland is taking a boat. Smyrilline/Norrora has weekly departures leaving from Denmark and arriving in Seyðisfjørður with a stop-over in the Faroe Islands. Main advantage is you have your own car at hand and can save the costs of an expensive car rental.

Car rental

We rented a Mercedes Vito 4 x 4 with Hertz.

From Borgarnes to Selfoss

We made a round trip Keflavik – Keflavik International Airport with a first stop in Borgarnes and a last one in Selfoss. We stayed in 5 summer houses. This enabled us to travel around Iceland mainly following Ring Road 1 and visiting the main tourist attractions.

1. BorgarnesFlight Brussels – Reykjavik
Reykjavik – Borgarnes
Bleikulag 38 cottage, Skorradalur Borgarnes
2.BorgarnesSnaefellsness round tour – Snæfellsjökull National ParkBleikulag 38 cottage, Skorradalur Borgarnes
3.BorgarnesLangjökull – Into the glacierBleikulag 38 cottage, Skorradalur Borgarnes
4.BorgarnesBorgarnes Settlement Museum – swimming poolBleikulag 38 cottage, Skorradalur Borgarnes
5.HusavikBorgarnes – Grábrók – Vidimýrarkirkja – Hvammstangi (seals)- Hvitserkur – Akureyri – HusavikSolkot cottage, Stekkjarhvammur, Reykjahverdi, Husavik
6.HusavikWhales boat tour Husavik (whales, dolphins)Solkot cottage, Stekkjarhvammur, Reykjahverdi, Husavik
7.HusavikHverir – Krafla Crater – Viti Crater – Myvatn lane – Myvatn Nature Baths – Grjótagjá cave – Dimmuborgir rock formationsSolkot cottage, Stekkjarhvammur, Reykjahverdi, Husavik
8.Seydisfjördur Husavik – Dettifoss – SeyðisfjörðurTungata 15, Seyðisfjörður
9.SeydisfjördurHike Budararfoss waterfall – city centerTungata 15, Seyðisfjörður
10SeydisfjördurGreen vending machine – Borgarfjordur Eystri (puffins)Tungata 15, Seyðisfjörður
11SeydisfjördurHike BrimnesTungata 15, Seydisfjördur appartment
12KirkjubajarklausturSeydisfjordur – Dettifoss – Jökulsárlón gletsjer lake -KirkjubæjarklausturNordic Travel Summerhouse Haedarsel, Hæðargarður, Kirkjubæjarklaustur
13Kirkjubajarklaustur Skaftafell National ParkNordic Travel Summerhouse Haedarsel, Hæðargarður, Kirkjubæjarklaustur
14Kirkjubajarklaustur Kirkjubæjarklaustur – Vik & Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach – Lava Center – SelfossNordic Travel Summerhouse Birkisel, Selfoss
15SelfossGolden circle: Gheysir – Gulfoss – Pingvellir – ReykjavikNordic Travel Summerhouse Birkisel, Selfoss
16SelfossLandmannalaugarNordic Travel Summerhouse Birkisel, Selfoss
17SelfossHike vulcano Fagradalsfjall (Reykjanes) Nordic Travel Summerhouse Birkisel, Selfoss
18SelfossFlight Keflavik – Brussels

Why visit Iceland with kids ?

  • nature is overwhelming and diverse: magnificent waterfalls, impressive volcanoes, colored mountains, steaming mud pots, lava, steam, geysers, …
  • wildlife is fantastic: beautiful puffins, whales, dolphins, seals, a variety of sea birds, …
  • activities are diverse. You can simply go hiking. Or visit the inside of a glacier. Or take a boat on a fabulous glacier lake.
  • you can find complete ‘silence’. Sometimes, you drive kilometers and kilometers without seeing another village.
  • you can enjoy natural hot springs. Even when it’s colder or raining, a very special experience.
  • you can enjoy endless views
  • you hear a completely different language, you don’t understand a word of it!
  • it’s an easy country to travel. As soon as you rent a car, you can drive along at your own pace.

Read more on our Iceland adventures in my blog ‘5 fantastic things to do in Iceland’. For an idea on the costs, read my blog ‘Iceland- useful tips and costs’.

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