To Sint-Truiden and surroundings – a beautiful cycling route

In for some cycling adventure to and in Sint-Truiden? We cycled from Holsbeek to Sint-Truiden, good for a trip of about 100 kilometers. Scenic routes, blossoms, beautiful natural settings, impressive war graves and a castle. Read this blog for an exciting sportive day trip!

Cycling route: towards and around Sint-Truiden

Sint-Truiden is the capital of Haspengouw, the second largest fruit growing region of the EU. It’s a true cycling paradise with cosy picnic spots and a well-developed cycle and hike route network. It’s an interesting city too, with a rich cultural heritage and some pleasant terraces. But also the surroundings are worth a visit. We spotted some interesting places on our cycling route towards it.

We started our day at the church in Holsbeek, cycled direction Sint-Joris-Winge over Meensel-Kiezegem, Kapellen, Hoeleden, Drieslinter and Zoutleeuw to Sint-Truiden. We took a break in Sint-Truiden , made a short tour around the city and then returned more or less the same way, except for the final part, where we stopped in Sint-Pieters-Rode. We combined several cycling routes, such as the Fietsenknooppunten.

Highlights of the tour

  • Blossoms, blossoms and blossoms. We came across them all over. The villages and cities we passed are right in the center of this natural beauty: Tielt-Winge, Zoutleeuw, Sint-Truiden, … Different fruit trees were blossoming – no peers anymore. As also mentioned in an earlier blog, here too you can check the blossom indicator for peer, apple and cherry to know which fruit trees are in full blossom glory. Stop in an orchard to admire the beauty and serenity. You come along some places where you can just stop and sit for a break between the blossoms. You can find another beautiful cycling route amidst the blossoms in on of our other blogs ‘Cycling amids the beautiful blossoms in Limburg‘.
  • Look out for the several small chapels along the way, in different sizes, colors and architecture.
  • Stop at the Gempemolen, a water mill on the river Molenbeek in the small hamlet Gempe and close to the Troostembergbos. You can still see the mill in action on the first Sunday of the month. Nowadays there is also a brasserie.
  • Stop at the cemetery in Meensel-Kiezegem, a village with a sad second world war history due to a murder and a follow-up SS razzia on 1 and 11 august 1944, witness hereof the small and impressive war cemetery behind the church. There is also a small museum.
  • Spot the newest type water tower of The Watergroep in Meensel-Kiezegem, a white-green eye-catcher amids the orchards
  • Cycle around Het Vinne in Zoutleeuw, a county nature reserve of 130 ha with a walking trail circling Flander’s largest inland lake and the habitat of a rich fauna (in particular birdlife) and flora.
  • Cycle an old railway track between Zoutleeuw and Sint-Truiden
  • Stop at Domein ‘t Speelhof to enjoy a refreshment on one of the terraces. There are also some short hiking routes, water fountains, a big play garden for children, …
  • Visit the Béguinage in Sint-Truiden with its magnificent late Romanesque, early Gothic church devoted to Saint Agnes. It has an amazing collection of 38 paintings on its walls and pillars, dating from the 13th till the 17th century, the most important collection of Belgium and restored in the seventies. There are also interesting tombstones and a very old Baroque organ.
  • Enjoy the best ice cream at Vica.
  • Visit the Castle of Horst, an ideal place for a stop on the way back. This moated castle lies nestled in the green Wingebeek valley, between the Hageland hills. The Lords of Horst lived here as long ago as the 13th century and the characteristic square dates back to the 15th century. 

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