Berlin – awesome street art

Looking for something ‘out of the ordinary’ in Berlin? Into street art? Then Berlin is definitely the place to be. Berlin is a walhalla for street art in all its forms and colors. In and just outside the city are various locations offering a magnificent street art’s experience, a true heaven for photographers. 3 places are, in my view, top. You can easily explore them on foot, just by yourself. An insight in our Berlin street art adventure.

# 1 Berlin Wall

Berlin Wall

First, the most obvious and probably one of the first and well known places to meet Berlin’s street art is at the world famous Berlin Wall itself. You can’t miss the explosion of colors at the East Side Gallery. This 1.3 kilometers open-air gallery on the banks of the Spree is the longest continuous section of the Berlin Wall still in existence. No traces of a grim wall but art works of 118 artists from 21 countries, full of life and colors depicting political changes around 1989/90.

There is of course the famous socialist kiss between Honecker and Brezhnev, but also so much more.

Berlin Wall

The white Trabant – the typical East German car – breaking through the clear blue wall, Berlin in bold red with it’s typical ‘Fernsehturm’ against a black wall, symbolic Russian and US flags, a symbolic Arc of Noa, Nelson Mandela and ‘Dancing to freedom’.

Berlin Wall

Blue, red, orange, yellow and white, stripes, dots and lines … it’s amazing and a photographer’s heaven. And pretty hard to imagine that once, this was a hard, brick wall, dividing East and West. Explore this unique piece of wall on foot and take your time!

#2 Haus Schwarzenberg

Another great spot to admire street art is the dingy-looking tunnel right beside the sparkling Hackesche Höfe, in Berlin Mitte’, Haus Schwarzenberg.

In the small street leading up the house, we admired ever-evolving street-art canvas, leading up to a small shop at the end – with staircases full of art – and the Anne Frank museum.

It’s a small street, so you have to look well not to pass it, but worth a visit. Ideal to combine with a stroll through the Hackesche Höfe, admiring the beautiful houses and boutiques or the nearby Hackesher Markt or Aleksander Platz.

#3 Teufelsberg

Teufelsberg - street art

Top of the street art bill and by far the best experience in street art in Berlin – and even worldwide – is to be found at the former ‘spy station’ at the Teufelsberg in the Grunewald, west of the city. This former American listening station during the Cold War is build 114 meters up on a hill of rubble. The remains of the complex with 5 large radar domes hosts awesome street art.

Teufelsberg - street art

Park at the bottom of the small hill and walk up to the small entrance boot to buy your tickets. From there, you can walk around the site all by yourself – although guided tours are also offered – just mind your step sometimes.

Nearly all walls, inside and outside, are decorated with street art in all sizes, colors and themes. There are more then 400 works. It’s a top spot for international artists and new works are added every month. It’s the best we ever came across.

Besides that, the whole site still breathes the spirit of the Cold War. It’s a peculiar place.

As plus, from the roof top of the station, next to the scattered white randomes, you have a fantastic view on Berlin.

If you want to enjoy splendid streed art in combination with pleasant views, this is a must-do on your Berlin list. Nothing nice and tidy, but peculiar and awesome. I guess you just love or hate it.

The small entrance fee (8 euro for an adult) is worth it! Here too, we went in the evening, which gave fantastic light.

Just always check the opening times, these may vary from day to day and in specific periods. When we went, around Easter, this site was open daily.

Interesting in other fantastic things to do in Berlin? Then have a look at my other blog ‘Berlin – 5 fantastic things to do’ which will follow in the coming weeks. Or into some skifun in Germany, then head to Winterberg.

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